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2020 Awards

  Call for Applications The Leonardo da Vinci Society and the Italian Scientists and Scholars of North America Foundation (ISSNAF) Bay Area Chapter are seeking applications for the Leonardo Award 2020 . This award was… More


The Leonardo da Vinci Society is a cultural organization based in San Francisco. Since its foundation, the Society has been organizing lectures, concerts, exhibits and receptions inviting distinguished speakers to highlight the importance of Italian history and culture, and the contributions of Italians to American life. During the past few years, the Society has made a concerted effort to attract young people by adding programs more focused on international contributions from younger Italian generations. Science and technology brought by Italian entrepreneurs is becoming an ever more important field that the Society is exploring. This is very much in the spirit of Leonardo’s interests and inventions in these fields. Membership is open to all who love Italy and wish to learn more about this wonderful country and its culture.