Mona Lisa Smile

2019 Leonardo 500 Celebrations in San Francisco

The Leonardo da Vinci Society of San Francisco
in collaboration with The Italian Cultural Institute

Mona Lisa Smile:
The Question of Leonardo’s Women,
from Vasari to Freud and the Digital Age

An illustrated lecture by Dr. Henrike Christiane Lange,

Assistant Professor, Department of History of Art,

University of California, Berkeley

How did Leonardo relate to the women in his paintings,
and to women in his life? From Giorgio Vasari to Sigmund Freud, historians and theorists have grappled with this enigmatic and intimate question which reformulates itself visually in the digital age.

Thursday, March 14 at 6:30 pm

Italian Cultural Institute
601 Van Ness Ave F, San Francisco, CA 9410

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Dr.Henrike Christiane Lange holds a joint appointment at the University of California, Berkeley (Departments of Italian Studies and History of Art), specializing in European medieval and early modern art, architecture, visual culture, and literature in relation to the Mediterranean. She has a second area of expertise in late nineteenth / early twentieth century historiography, literature, and art in Europe and the US. Having earned her doctorate from Yale University in 2015, Professor Lange is currently finishing a monograph on Giotto’s Arena Chapel and the Roman Jubilee of 1300. Lange represented Yale University as speaker for the IFA/Frick Symposium on the History of Art in NYC, was an invited speaker at the Fifth Ferrari Symposium for Italian Renaissance Studies, the Inaugural Speaker for the Annual Di Giovanni Dante Lecture Series at the University of Toronto, and is the recipient of an award for Teaching Excellence and of a Distinguished Fellowship at Notre Dame’s IAS (2017-2018). Henrike Lange’s art historical practice and teaching are informed by her curatorial background and work experience in Italian, American, German, and British museum collections.

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