Dacia Maraini

Thursday, OCTOBER 15 at 12:30pm ON ZOOM

Dacia Maraini
Lunch Time with an Author

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Join us for a lively discussion with Italian famous Author Dacia Maraini, led by Prof Elisabetta Nelsen. Dacia will present her latest book, “TRIO,” published by Rizzoli this year.

A copy of the book can be purchased from our friendly, online, Italian bookstore: https://www.libreriapino.com/products/trio

Please, note that the conversation will be in English, however the book at present is available only in Italian.

About Dacia Maraini 

Dacia Maraini is the author of novels, short stories, plays, poems and essays that have been translated in over twenty countries. In 1990 she won the Campiello Prize with La lunga vita di Marianna Ucria (The Silent Duchess) and in 1999 the Strega Prize (the most prestigious literary prize in Italy, since 1947), with Buio (Darkness)

TRIO (Threesome)

It’s an epistolary novel, which tells the story of two female friends and a man during the plague in Messina, in 1793.

Dacia Maraini’s return to historical narration after The Silent Duchess, one of her most loved books, is an intense and delicate tale, pervaded by colors and smells of her Sicily, which, through letters written to each other by the protagonists, speaks also of each of us, and of what can save us when everything collapses outside. See full bio