Casanova: The Seduction of Europe. Private Docent-lead Tour

The Leonardo Da Vinci Society


Casanova: The Seduction of Europe. Private Docent-lead Tour

SATURDAY, May 12, AT 10:15am

Legion of Honor
100 34th Street, San Francisco


Often hidden behind plain facades, the splendid interiors of Venice’s palaces must have astounded the modestly born Casanova. Within the city’s complex social environment, these spaces were stages where identity could be invented and performed—where a poor man, like Casanova, might learn how to appear wealthy.

For this child of the theater, the act of fashioning one’s own role allowed him to rise through the ranks in a city with a rigid social hierarchy, where identities were fixed at birth—where changing one’s status was all but unthinkable.

Casanova used his newly elevated position to engage in behavior that got him into trouble: duping foreigners in gambling halls; conducting an elaborate affair with a nun, referred to in his memoirs as “M. M.”; and indulging in the occult and making public statements of heresy.

Casanova’s notorious lifestyle eventually led to his being arrested for impiety, tried by the Inquisition, and imprisoned in 1755 for nearly a year before he escaped.

Please meet at the reception desk at 10:15 for the LdV Tour
Brunch to follow at 12 at the Legion of Honor Café.

Register now, the tour is limited to 20 participants only!


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