Guided Tour of The Kirk Edward Long Collection



Cordially invites you and your guests to a:

Guided Tour of The Kirk Edward Long Collection of Mannerist Prints: Myth, Allegory, and Faith



Saturday, June 4th at 11am

An extraordinary event, organized by Bernard Barryte, the Museum Curator of European art, who will guide the visit.

Cantor Arts Center,
Stanford University

328 Lomita Drive, Stanford
Free Parking in Front

Free Admission
An optional Lunch will follow the visit

Please RPSV by May 30th

ddddMannerism was the dominant European style of the 16th century. Paolo Pino, an Italian 16th century painter and theorist said to his fellow artists: ” In all your work be sure to include at least one figure that  is all contorted, mysterious, and difficult.”

“David Beheading  Goliah”  by Giovanni Battista Scultori



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