Leonardo Awards 2021


The President of The Leonardo Da Vinci Society and The President of ISSNAF are glad to present the recipients of the 2021 Leonardo Awards


Winner for Life Sciences/Medicine – Roberta Sala (rsala@stanford.edu)


Dr. Roberta Sala is currently an Instructor in the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department at Stanford University and is affiliated with the Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine. She graduated with her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Molecular Biology from the University of Padua, Italy. She then moved to London first thanks to the Erasmus program and then to obtain her Ph.D. in Clinical Oncology at Imperial College London, where she studied the effects of cancer treatment on cancer detection using PET imaging. For her first postdoc, Dr. Sala joined the Biology Department at Stanford where she was working on the effects of centrosome over-duplication in cancer. She then moved to the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department in 2018 where she is working on the generation of human gametes from human pluripotent stem cells.

Winner for Engineering/MathMatteo Cargnello, (mcargnello@stanford.edu)

Department of Chemical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering and SUNCAT Center for Interface Science and Catalysis. Stanford University, Stanford, CA.

Matteo Cargnello received his Ph.D. in Nanotechnology in 2012 at the University of Trieste, Italy. He was then a post-doctoral scholar in the Chemistry Department at the University of Pennsylvania, before joining the Faculty at Stanford University in January 2015. He is currently Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering and, by courtesy, of Materials Science and Engineering, and Terman Faculty Fellow. General goals of the research in the Cargnello group pertain to solving energy and environmental challenges. Key areas of interest are in the reduction of emission of greenhouse gases, capture and conversion of CO2, carbon-free hydrogen production, and the sustainable synthesis of fuels and chemicals through thermal, photo- and electrocatalytic processes. Website: cargnellogroup.stanford.edu


Winner for Humanities: Camilla Hawthorne (Camilla@ucsc.edu)

Camilla Hawthorne is Assistant Professor of Sociology at UC Santa Cruz. She is a principal faculty member in the UCSC Critical Race and Ethnic Studies Program, and a faculty affiliate of the UCSC Science & Justice Research Center and Legal Studies Program. Camilla serves as Chair of the Black Geographies Specialty Group of the American Association of Geographers, and is a project manager and faculty member for the Black Europe Summer School in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She is co-editor of the 2021 volume The Black Mediterranean: Bodies, Borders, and Citizenship. Her forthcoming 2022 monograph with Cornell University Press, Contesting Race and Citizenship: Youth Politics in the Black Mediterranean, explores the ways that citizenship has emerged as a key terrain of struggle over racial nationalism in Italy, and—bringing together insights from critical migration/citizenship studies and Black studies—argues that citizenship is crucial for understanding how racism and race are being reconfigured in the twenty-first century. In 2020, she was named as one of the national Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera‘s 110 Women of the Year for her work on the Black diaspora in Italy.


The Award ceremony will take place at the Leonardo da Vinci Christmas Gala on December 10, 2021 at the St. Francis Yacht Club chaired by Consul General of Italy, Hon. Sergio Strozzi.


2 thoughts on “Leonardo Awards 2021

  1. Oh my goodness! Such worthy recipients. Congratulations to all. Special shout out to Professor Camilla Hawthorne, whose brilliance has been dazzling from an early age! It has been one of our greatest joys to watch her academic contributions over her life so far. More to come, for sure.

  2. Thank you, dear Linda. I hope that you will join us at te December 10 gala at St. Francis Yacht Club. Check our website for invitation soon

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