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The Leonardo da Vinci Society

in collaboration with

the Italian Cultural Institute and Museo Italo Americano

cordially invites its members to:



UNESCO Italia: The World Heritage Sites in the Work of 14 Photographers

An illustrated lecture by Mariella Poli

Masterpieces of creative human genius, architecture that illustrates a significant stage in human history, superlative natural phenomena, areas of exceptional natural beauty – such sites are designated and protected by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites. Of these 981 marvels of design and nature worldwide, 49 are in Italy – more than in any other single country.

The Museo Italo-Americano and the Italian Cultural Institute are currently exhibiting images of Italy’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, seen through the lenses of several pre-eminent Italian photographers. Mariella Poli, interdisciplinary artist and Professor at California College of the Arts, will talk about the art and method of the exceptional photographers in this exhibit.

Tuesday January 14 at 7:30 pm

Museo Italo-Americano, Fort Mason, Building C


NO CHARGE for members of the LdV Society, Museo Italo-Americano, and Italian Cultural Institute

$12 suggested donation for drop-ins.


(917) 478-0694








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