A Poet in the Kitchen

A Poet in the Kitchen

Food and Wine in Dante’s DIvine Comedy
A study by Danielle Callegari


An event presented by The Leonardo da Vinci Society with the patronage of the
Italian Cultural Institute of San Francisco

 “For the celebration of the 700th anniversary of Dante Alighieri’s death, we will host a lecture by Dr. Danielle Callegari, Assistant Professor of Italian Studies at Dartmouth University and Councilor for the Dante Society of America. Dr. Callegari’s research focuses on premodern Italian Literature and food and wine studies. Be ready to meet her online and learn something new and original regarding the Divine Comedy. “

Danielle Callegari is a researcher of  Dante’s works and the social history of food. Dante and food: the reason for my research lies precisely in the attempt to eliminate any element of strangeness in the combination. – says Danielle Callegari – Dante’s studies, in general, also strike non-specialists for their conservatism: Dante’s theology is analyzed, his Christianity, his language from the philological point of view, literary influences, the political environment Florentine; all useful and legitimate things, but it is often almost as if scholars forget that Dante had a body like all of us. The idea of ​​Dante sitting at the table to eat scared scholars. – continues Danielle Callegari – For this reason, in my opinion, we must not be afraid of having unorthodox approaches to the study of a sacred monster like Dante, and also study its relationship with the body or with food, in fact. We must also remember that often we do not think at all of the great symbolic value of food.

The event is free of charge.  Please register to access the call via Zoom.